Data Analytics



Grow your business with data driven optimization of your software products

Capture & visualize your business data with data science to monitor key metrics, discover patterns, gain insights, and make informed decisions.

Digital CX Strategy and Insights

With businesses reaching out to their customers across multiple channels, managing branding consistently across these digital touchpoint is difficult. Our Design Thinking centred approach can help ensure they create & deliver the right experiences to meet customers’ expectation.

>> Customer Research and Insights
>> Customer Journey Mapping
>> Customer Journey Analytics
>> UX Optimization Strategy

Data Analytics and Visualization

As important as the ability to gather data, is the ability to make sense out of that data. Our data engineering and visualization services help you analyze the volumes of data that your business processes gather and base your decisions on informed data rather than hunches.

>> Reports and Dashboards
>> Metrics and Scorecards
>> Mobile BI
>> Budgeting

Conversion Rate Optimization

As the market, especially eCommerce evolves and businesses are faced with constantly changing user expectations, low conversion rates become a concern. Our data science capabilities, combined with Design Thinking, offer you efficient conversion rate optimization.

>> Conversion Path Mapping
>> Metrics, Reports & Dashboards
>> Retention & Loyalty Management
>> Planning
>> Forecasting